Tex Farnsworth

Died May 14, 2016


Ricky (Bobby) Newsom

Died September 24. 2014


Frank (Cowboy) Hill

Died March 19,2011

my mom

Nancy Nienstedt (Mom)

Died June 18,2010


John Nienstedt (Dad)

Died February 28,2011

Lisa Marie Reinhardt

Born in San Antonio, Texas on Aug. 31, 1967 Died May 2, 2006


Lisa and I will always share something, our birthday. We used to joke about that all the time. I met Lisa at Skateland when we where about thirteen. We hung around a bit as teenagers. We did not see much of each other after school. till I applied for a job at Texas Towing. She told me you don’t want to do this, in her words ” it sucks Geoff “. Sometimes I wish I had listened. You know even after not seeing Lisa for years, when I walked in the door at Texas Towing it was like I had just talked to her the day before. Lisa knew no strangers. She was a strong woman and mother and will be missed greatly by her family and friends.
peace out


Alex Guenther

Passed on May. 1st, 2018, Rest in Peace

Myself and Roadrunner Towing wants to offer our prayers and condolences to the family of Alex Guenther. Alex left us for a better place late yesterday evening. I will be forever grateful for the time and help he gave me for many years. Alex will be greatly missed by his family, grandkids, and friends. Semper Fi and God bless brother.


February 14, 2003 – April 3, 2004

If you have ever been to our lot you probably saw Star. A beautiful brown and white buckskin pitbull pup. Matter of fact she probably untied your shoes. Star came to us in March of 2003 from the Schertz animal shelter after being hit by a car. She quickly became one of the family even with all the grief she caused. You know puppy stuff nothing was safe. We put up with her like she put up with us. Well we lost Star on FM 1518 to a speeding Truck. Damn dog was never scared of cars. Do me a favor, if you ever hit a dog or cat please stop. It probably wasn’t your fault, but that animal might be someones pet. Or even like Star “one of the family”. You never know you may be able to help. Always remember there are hundreds of animals at local shelters waiting for a good home, like Star. Our dog will be greatly missed and always remembered.” Show me crazy face girl! “

crazy face